05 Sep 2017

3 Reasons We're Falling For Oahu This Autumn

3 Reasons We're Falling For Oahu This Autumn

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Honolulu traffic is as bad as you’ve heard. But rather than scream at the brake-riding sedan in front of you, do what locals on the island of Oahu do in stressful situations — crank up the Jack Johnson tunes.

While most any song from the North Shore native will work for the occasion, we’d first suggest “Never Fade” off his 2013 album, From Here to Now to You. “I Got You” gets more streams on Spotify, but “Never Fade” is the project’s moment of Zen. With minimalistic percussions and Johnson’s signature easygoing vocals, the song’s missing but one thing — a hammock.

Actually, we can’t say with certainty that the track will offer the same calm to your nerves as it does ours; laid-back strings may not be for everyone. What we do know for sure is that, for the next few months, the timing couldn’t be better for a Hawaii vacation. Late September/early October is one of the slowest times on the islands. Most kiddos are back in school. Many parents are focused on football.

But while the tourist numbers might be slightly down during this shoulder season, energy around the island is still quite high. And with elegant hotels, new restaurants and numerous outdoor adventures on offer, you’d be wise to pack your bags for the Pacific as soon as possible. Just be sure to have a few Johnson songs loaded onto your phone in case an afternoon traffic jam pops up.

The gorgeous hotels

The ride to Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina from Honolulu International Airport isn’t terribly long, maybe 30 to 40 minutes, depending on if other cars are cooperating. But no matter the obstacles, we assure you that the ride will be worth it. A picture-perfect playground in Kapolei (a budding area on the island’s less-cluttered west side), this 2016-opened property feels like a breeze and looks like a beauty.

Employing the kama’aina style of openness and natural light, the ground floor is essentially one free-flowing space with enticement from all directions — reception desks, elaborate floral displays, a coffee shop, seating areas. But there are few walls. The energy (and gentle winds off the Leeward Coast) is meant to travel without restriction.

Walls can be found in the 371 guest rooms and suites, though, but they’ll all be covered in earth tones, flat-screen TVs and banana-leaf headboards, so you won’t mind them much. Bathrooms are awash in marble and have glass-enclosed showers. Balconies deliver grab-your-camera views that peer over the Waianae Range or the stunning Ko Olina Lagoons.

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Four Seasons Resort O‘ahu at Ko Olina
92-1001 Olani St, Kapolei, HI 96707
Contact +1 (808) 679-0079

Ko Olina Activities
Visit Website
Contact (808) 675-2895

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