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In the Hawaiian language, hale (pronounced huh’-leh) translates to “home” or “host”.

Hale is an intimate expression of the aloha spirit found throughout the islands and a reflection of the hospitality of Ko Olina. You will find that hale is more than a structure, it is a way of life. Ko Olina celebrates the community it’s privileged to be a part of and welcomes you to immerse yourself in these stories of our home.

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27 Oct 2022

Maker from Mākaha

Bruening has another reason to think local. He traces his inspiration back to the vibe and people of his hometown community of Mākaha, which made him feel comfortable expressing himself. Today, he hopes his clothes give people the same confidence.

26 Oct 2022

The Skies Above Us

Despite a reputation for hot, dry weather, Wai‘anae attracts rain and houses groundwater. “Wai,” in fact, refers to fresh water. Traditional poetry and lore speak to the famed wai o Lualualei, or the pools of Lualualei, that reframes Wai‘anae as a unique hydrological ecosystem.

24 Oct 2022

Shad Kane: The Cultural Historian

Shad Kane is a cultural historian and board member of Kalaeloa Heritage Park. His book, Cultural Kapolei, is a compendium of articles he wrote for the Honolulu Advertiser from 2006 to 2010 that shares the history and stories of Native Hawaiian culture in Kapolei and surrounding areas.

20 Oct 2022

The Social Seniors

Although most members of Mākaha Bridge Club are over the age of 70, Burke, the group’s jokester, says they welcome “kids” too—those who are 55 to 60 years old. Last year, the club celebrated founding member Florence Ward’s 101st birthday.

17 Oct 2022

West Side Waves

Named after the train tracks running parallel to the shore—remnants of Hawai‘i’s sugar plantation era, Tracks has long been a favorite surf spot for West Side surfers.

11 Oct 2022

Hometown Hero

Many years after giving his life for his country, Native Hawaiian war hero Herbert Pilila‘au lives on in stories shared from generation to generation. Pilila‘au was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

06 Oct 2022

Greg Nichols: The Swan Keeper

Greg Nichols has served as PGA general manager and director of golf at Ko Olina Golf Club since 2002. Although he enjoys the black swans at work, Nichols and his wife, Cindy, are self-proclaimed dog lovers at their home in town.

10 Feb 2022

Keanuenue DeSoto: The Fashion Designer

Whenever I create, I find the purest form of who I am, and I can completely present myself as me. But I also see that designing has moved beyond just doing it for myself.

09 Feb 2022

Kapono Lopes: The Steel Guitarist

Kapono Lopes: I’m blessed by all those people in my life who’ve contributed a story, a lesson, a small piece of themselves to me. Always play with feeling from the heart, and always be you.

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