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In the Hawaiian language, hale (pronounced huh’-leh) translates to “home” or “host”.

Hale is an intimate expression of the aloha spirit found throughout the islands and a reflection of the hospitality of Ko Olina. You will find that hale is more than a structure, it is a way of life. Ko Olina celebrates the community it’s privileged to be a part of and welcomes you to immerse yourself in these stories of our home.

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10 Jan 2023

Mel Keawe: The Bodysurfer

Born and raised in Nanakuli, Mel Keawe holds numerous bodysurfing accolades, including podium wins at Pipeline Bodysurfing Contest, Sandy Beach Bodysurfing Contest, and Da Hui Waimea Shorebreak Slam.

09 Jan 2023

The Road Ahead

Assistance from the (GEER) grant program, HDOT and Oceanit invited students of the Alternative Learning Opportunities (ALO) program at Wai‘anae High School to imagine and implement a scope for the environmental research.

08 Jan 2023

Royal Regalia

Miwako Mulder is a progeny of master featherworkers Mary Lou Kekuewa and her daughter Paulette Kahalepuna, who devoted the entirety of their lives to perpetuating the cultural practice.

06 Jan 2023

The Student And The Sea

Na Kama Kai’s aim to foster a relationship between keiki and the ocean is part of an overarching goal to teach the present generation to love and protect the ocean for future generations.

05 Jan 2023

Artist at Ease

Throughout his grade school days in ‘Ewa and high school in Kapolei, Rhema Kishida often found himself putting pencil to paper to reframe his teachers’ lectures in a visual context.

04 Jan 2023

The Butterfly Whisperer

Up until two years ago, Henry Fang never would have imagined being in the butterfly business, much less playing an integral role in helping to increase Hawai‘i’s monarch butterfly population.

03 Jan 2023

Major Irving B. Bicoy: The Serviceman

Barry Irving Bicoy II has served in the United States Air Force for 28 years and currently works at the 297th Air Traffic Control Squadron in Kapolei. He and his wife Nalani, son Irving Bicoy III, and daughter Isabella live in ‘Ewa.

02 Jan 2023

All Aboard

The Hawaiian Railway Society offers train enthusiasts a 13-mile tour of the west side of O‘ahu, from Ewa through Ko Olina to Electric Beach and back. Originally part of the O‘ahu Railway and Land Company system, the track was chartered by King Kalakaua and debuted in 1889 on his birthday.

27 Oct 2022

Maker from Mākaha

Bruening has another reason to think local. He traces his inspiration back to the vibe and people of his hometown community of Mākaha, which made him feel comfortable expressing himself. Today, he hopes his clothes give people the same confidence.

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