08 Sep 2023

National Fish Habitat Partnership Projects, Kuleana Coral Restoration

Kuleana Coral Restoration

Source: fisheries.noaa.gov

Nearly $180,000 will support habitat restoration and angler engagement in Florida, Hawaiʻi, and Alaska.

NOAA Fisheries is funding four projects in 2023 to restore habitat through the coastal National Fish Habitat Partnerships. These projects will actively engage local communities, including anglers, who make critical contributions to fish habitat conservation nationwide. The projects demonstrate NOAA’s commitment to restoring fish habitat and supporting access to sustainable saltwater recreational fishing, a popular pastime that boosts the U.S. economy.

Community-Based Coral Restoration in West Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi

Sponsoring Partnership: Hawaiʻi Fish Habitat Partnership

Kuleana Coral Restoration will pilot a community-based coral restoration project at Pōkaʻī Bay in West Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. It will build upon the success of last year’s NOAA-funded project through the Hawaiʻi Fish Habitat Partnership. The bay is an important subsistence and recreational fishing area for the local community. Using input from community members to inform the project design, Kuleana Coral Restoration will work with local anglers and other community partners. They will restore degraded reefs and educate the public on reef restoration. These reefs are critical habitat for many target fish species and uphold the community’s way of life in the bay.

Reef restoration will be focused on Porites compressa, also known as finger coral. Anglers will learn how to create finger coral fragment modules during interactive restoration demonstrations. These modules will then be outplanted back onto reefs. The funding for this project is made possible by an agreement with the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.

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