08 Feb 2018

Upward from Here

Upward from Here
Poem By: Blaine Tolentino | Image by: AJ Feducia | Source: Hale Season 1

There is a spot in the sky
where your body knows
to surge toward heavenly things.

Mapping the heights—
ka hoʻokuʻi, ka hoʻohālāwai, ka makuʻialewa
the juncture, the meeting, the sky connection.

There are these familiar terms
for that place. There are clouds
and weather systems
to dress the moment when you arrive.
You will not know
at what part of infinity
you are stopped.

These are terms for the spot in the sky
between man and the cosmos
where the body knows.

There, we are revised—
watch the sky shimmer
with news of your beauty.

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