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In the Hawaiian language, hale (pronounced huh’-leh) translates to “home” or “host”.

Hale is an intimate expression of the aloha spirit found throughout the islands and a reflection of the hospitality of Ko Olina. You will find that hale is more than a structure, it is a way of life. Ko Olina celebrates the community it’s privileged to be a part of and welcomes you to immerse yourself in these stories of our home.

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10 Feb 2022

Keanuenue DeSoto: The Fashion Designer

Whenever I create, I find the purest form of who I am, and I can completely present myself as me. But I also see that designing has moved beyond just doing it for myself.

09 Feb 2022

Kapono Lopes: The Steel Guitarist

Kapono Lopes: I’m blessed by all those people in my life who’ve contributed a story, a lesson, a small piece of themselves to me. Always play with feeling from the heart, and always be you.

08 Feb 2022

Sprouting Change

Students are offered hands-on experience in growing nutritious microgreens for their community through Makaha Mountain Farms’ partnership with American Renaissance Academy.

07 Feb 2022

Think Big, Shop Small

When lockdown measures took a toll on retailers across the islands, a West O‘ahu-based nonprofit launched an online marketplace to help local artisans and small businesses reach shoppers from afar.

06 Feb 2022

Restorers Of The Reef

Garcia founded Kuleana Coral alongside Daniel Demartini and Kapono Kaluhiokalani in 2019. The three of them had watched as coral reefs and native fish populations suffered as a result of climate change, industrial fishing, and coastal development.

05 Feb 2022

Street Smarts

City Council helped move a bill that allotted $183,000 from City and County for improvements. Chuck Mitsui, the founder of Association of Skaters in Hawai‘i (ASH), helped to raise funds and in-kind donations for the project and coordinated the volunteer efforts. “These kids really took leadership with this,”

04 Feb 2022

Mauka Bound

Located on the upland slopes of the Wai‘anae Mountains, Camp Pālehua is one of few places on O‘ahu that permits mountainside camping. The area has seen many iterations: Originally the homestead of an early missionary family, it served as a telephone switching station before being repurposed in 1940 as Camp Timberline, a popular retreat for schools and business groups.

03 Feb 2022

Punky Pletan-Cross: The Community Beacon

'Hale Kipa means House of Friendliness. Geared primarily, but not exclusively, to youth and young adults, we are an agency providing a range of services related to child welfare, juvenile justice, and children’s mental health.

12 Feb 2021

Of Plants and Progeny

Kalo, or taro, has been integral to the Hawaiian diet. Alongside mai‘a (banana), niu (coconut), and ‘ulu (breadfruit), kalo was one of the canoe plants, the original plants brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the first Polynesian settlers.

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