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In the Hawaiian language, hale (pronounced huh’-leh) translates to “home” or “host”.

Hale is an intimate expression of the aloha spirit found throughout the islands and a reflection of the hospitality of Ko Olina. You will find that hale is more than a structure, it is a way of life. Ko Olina celebrates the community it’s privileged to be a part of and welcomes you to immerse yourself in these stories of our home.

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03 Jul 2023

Lily Cabinatan: The Fruit Farmer

Lily Cabinatan is the founder of Top Notch Farms in Waiʻanae, where she grows lemons and limes year-round and papayas and mangos in the summer. Her mission aims to educate and to build a healthier community.

30 Jun 2023

Small Club, Big Service

The Waiʻanae Coast Rotary Club, chartered in april 1969, is a small but mighty group of community movers and shakers—currently there are 21 members. The Rotary Club is broadening its range of scholarships to include vocational and community college scholarships as well.

26 Jun 2023

Carlos “Nito” Tangaro: The Boxing Coach

Everything I do as a coach is everything that I wanted when I was their age. Ultimately that’s been my coaching philosophy with the boys: Let ’em know I’m always here.

24 Jun 2023

Cultural Cache

Variable Hawaiʻi feels like a living museum of sorts, its name a nod to the myriad elements that make up culture. Pezel, a curator who lives among its pieces, explains that curating the collection is a never-ending affair.

22 Jun 2023

Vast Visuals

Mākaha-based photographer Josiah Patterson was always fascinated by cameras. As a child, the various shutters, lenses, and levers intrigued him with their ineluctable draw of both mystery and mechanics.

20 Jun 2023

Eh, Like Scrap?

Guided by Michelle Pieper, Nānākuli High School’s Hawaiian language teacher, Scrappahz Union 96792 is not only the first community compost effort on the West Side, but also teaching wastediversion techniques to others.

15 Jun 2023

Paddling with Purpose

For two decades, surfing has been the compass that has navigated 29-year-old Sheldon Paishon through life’s occasionally treacherous waters. Growing up in a tent with his parents between Mākaha Beach and Mā‘ili.

13 Jun 2023

Ice Cream Dreams

Reid, a self-proclaimed ice cream fanatic, knew from a young age that she wanted to be a business owner. But parlaying her passion into a profession meant becoming a quick study in all things ice cream making.

10 Jan 2023

Mel Keawe: The Bodysurfer

Born and raised in Nānākuli, Mel Keawe holds numerous bodysurfing accolades, including podium wins at Pipeline Bodysurfing Contest, Sandy Beach Bodysurfing Contest, and Da Hui Waimea Shorebreak Slam.

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